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Product Description

 Warranty: 2 years
Installation: Yes
 Mode of entry: Moble-enabled App with PIN codes (one-time, duration-based, & permanent) and Bluetooth connection as well as mechanical key.
 Security lock mode: If you enter an invalid PIN 5 times, the lock will stop working for 1 minute
 Anti-intruder security code: Virtual code integration when using open-source encryption.
 Time-sensitive entry: Customize the validity periods of your PIN codes. Be assured that the property remains secure after your guests' stay.
 Auto Re-lock: The keybox automatically relocks once it is shut, for greater security./td>
 Finishing: Black
 Operating Temperature: Advised to use between; -30°C to 40°C
 Battery operated: 4AAA (Recommended to use Lithium Batteries for low temperatures)
 Emergency operation: DC9V battery (not included in product package)
 Battery life: 1 year
 Size: Keybox 2- 4.5 (W) x 6.5 (H) x 1.5 (T) In
Inner storage of shackle- 4.3(W) x 3(H) x 0.6(T) In
 Weight: 1kg
 Installation: Advised to be used at sheltered areas, no submerging in liquids.
 Supplied with: 1 Set of fixing material
1 User manual
4 pcs of batteries
2 Mechanical keys