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Samsung Digital Lock SHS-2920

$280.00 $399.00


Product Description

The Samsung SHS 2920 Digital Lock offers you most value for money digital lock with card and pin access.
*inclusive of installation and 1 year warranty*
  • Features

    – Slim Touch Screen Display Keypad

    – Register a password consisting of 4-12 digits

    – Register up to 20 RFID Devices

    – Double Locking Function (Can be programmed to use both password and RFID card to unlock the lock)

    – Emergency 9V Battery Terminal (When battery is flat, a 9V battery can be used to temporarily power up the lock)
    – Auto Lock Function (Can be programmed to lock automatically when door is closed)

    – Built-in burglar and fire alarm (Alarm will go off when there is a fire or when the lock is forced open)

Ultra Fast RF Key Detection

The SH-2920's lightning fast RF Sensor detects key cards. Unlock your door in under a second! Simply hold key to card icon. An LED indicator lets you know if card has access. Each key card has a unique signature to prevent unauthorised access. Safe, secure, easy!

 Samsung Smart Lock Assured Security

Electric shock and strength tested, fire safety and quality certified. Samsung Smart Locks exceed all security and safety standards. Samsung Smart Lock can withstand high-voltage electric shock applied circuit techniques. Indoor and outside temperature above 140°F is detected while sounding an audible alarm. Rest assured your door is secured and completely tamper proof.