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Samsung SHP-DP738 Fingerprint Lock

$999.00 $1,180.00


Product Description

  • Samsung SHP-DP738 Digital Lock
  • 2019 New Design PUSH / PULL Model
  • Up to 100 Fingerprint Users
  • Up to 100 pin users
  • Fingerprint / Password 
  • Mobile App / Samsung Connect Home**
  • Key Override in case of Malfunction
  • Touch Screen Keypad
  • Unique User Welcome Feature
  • Invasion Alarm Feature 
  • Automatic Locking Mechanism 
  • Built-in Bluetooth for App connection
  • Push Message Notification (Bluetooth)
  • In & Out Access log (Bluetooth)
  • Support Samsung Connect Home**
  • Remote Unlock(Optional)**
  • Real-time Status check (Optional)**
  • Remote issuing of OTP(Optional)**
  • Manner Mode for quiet night outings
  • PIN to admin to enroll and delete
  • Installation Included in SG
  • Free Courier Delivery for Oversea Purchase
  • 2-Years Product Warranty in SG

Product Features:

» SHP-DP738: 2019 New Design in Door Locks PUSH PULL 
» Fingerprint / PIN Access
» Mobile App / Samsung Connect Home**
» Emergency mechanical bypass Key
» Digital Touch Keypad with Random Codes
» Welcome feature for Users (Sensor Detects motions within 70cm range)
» Built-in Bluetooth for App connection
» Push Message Notification (Bluetooth)
» In & Out Access log (Bluetooth)
» Remote Unlock(Optional)**
» Real-time Status check (Optional)** 
» Remote issuing of OTP(Optional)** 
» PIN to administer enrolment and deletion
» Manner Mode for quiet night outings
» Emergency external battery terminal
» Indoor wireless Remote Controller (Optional)

**Additional module and device need to be purchased to connect to Samsung Connect Home to perform this function