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Aqara U100 Digital Lock

$499.00 $599.00


Product Description

International Version 

The Aqara Door Lock U100 is the perfect way to keep your home safe and secure.

⭐️Fingerprint sensor: Unlock your door with just a touch of your finger.

⭐️Password: Set up a regular password, a one-time password, or a periodic password.

⭐️NFC card: Unlock the door with your NFC card.

⭐️HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant support: Unlock the door with your voice or through your smart home app.

⭐️Built-in battery: Lasts up to 8 months on a single charge.

⭐️IP65 rating: Weatherproof and can withstand extreme temperatures.



👉🏻Inner Panel: 5.51 × 3 × 1.14 in. (140.2 × 76.2 × 29 mm)

👉🏻Outer Panel: 5.28 × 2.88 × 3.2 in. (134.2 × 73.2 × 81.4 mm)

👉🏻Voice Language: Chinese, English, French, Spanish (Default: English)

👉🏻Emergency Power Supply: Type C external power supply, 5V DC

👉🏻Battery: 4 AA batteries (8 daily unlocks and auto-locks, > 8 months)

👉🏻IP Rating: IP65 (keypad)

👉🏻Lock Type: American standard deadbolt, supports 60 / 70mm backset

👉🏻Zigbee Standard: Zigbee 3.0

👉🏻BLE Standard: Bluetooth 5.0


What is in the Box (Kit):

Smart Lock U100 × 1, User Manual × 1, Installation Diagram × 1, Key × 2, AA Battery × 4, Knob Removal Tool × 1, Opposite-Pull Screw Kit × 1, Bolt & Strike Plate Screw Kit × 1, Mounting Plate Screw Kit × 1, Aqara E1 Hub× 1, NFC Card × 2



Q. How to install the lock? Is there an installation video?

1) Download the Aqara Home app, enter the Smart Lock U100 page, and complete the installation following the instructions.

2) Scan the QR code for the installation video on the user manual.

3) https://www.aqara.com/en/product/smart-lock-u100/installation-video/


Q. What is the solution when the door lock is found not smooth after the installation?

1) Open the battery cover and knob cover, and remove the battery.

2) Rotate the knob quickly to check if it is effortless to lock and unlock, if you feel any jamming, unscrew and remove the back panel.

3) Check to see if there is any interference between the connector cable and the cylinder tailpiece - excessive friction may affect the door lock's functionality and reduce its battery life.

4) Check to see if the tailpiece is placed in the center of the deadbolt hole; if not, reposition the mounting plate to make sure that the tailpiece is in the center.

5) If the problem still lingers, check to see if the door opening size meets requirements, and if the door frame's opening is on the same level as door lock. Make sure that the deadbolt hole meets Deadbolt door lock's requirements.

6) In the case that the tailpiece curves, causing failure to unlock normally, please contact our customer service center.


Q. What should I do if the Aqara Smart Door Lock U100 runs out of power?

1) If you are outside, you can supply power to the lock through the emergency USB-C charging port at the button of the outer panel.

2) If you are inside, directly replace the LR6 AA batteries.





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