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Kaadas K20 Pro Max Face Recognition Digital Lock (Wifi-Enabled)

$1,269.00 $1,289.00


Product Description

The Kaadas K20 Pro Max excels with its WiFi connectivity, facilitating seamless real-time monitoring via the Kaadas app.
It features a convenient two-way intercom for effortless communication, complete with a built-in doorbell for added convenience.
Inside, you’ll find a crisp 4-inch IPS screen and an intuitive indoor sensor handle, enhancing both security and user experience.


Access methods 

WiFi, Fingerprint, PIN code, Card, Mechanical Key


Image resolution 1080 x 1920p

Display Screen

HD colour screen 800 x 480p, 4 inches

App Control

  • Generate temporary PINs
  • Track action, access & alert log
  • Monitor live situations outside
  • Two-way communication


In-built doorbell

Sensitive smart wake-up 

Automatic and swift detection

Motion detection range


Sweden Fingerprint Cards (FPC) sensor 

World’s leading biometric sensor, accurate and secured


Efficient, accurate, and secured

Sensor Enabled Inside Handle

Automatically detects grip on the handle to unlock the door

Automated Locking

Quick response when opening and auto-lock when door is closed

Rechargeable Lithium battery

Larger capacity for longer battery life

Technical Description

Maximum User Capacity

  • Fingerprint – 100 Fingerprints
  • PIN Code – 1 Master, 50 User, 10 Temporary PIN
  • Card – 2 Cards provided, register up to 100 Cards
  • Mechanical Keys – 2 Keys provided


Aluminium Alloy

Power Supply

  • Rechargeable battery, 5000mA/h
  • Full Charge, ~4hr
  • Last about 4 – 6 months

USB C included

Emergency Power supply

USB C (5V Power bank)


2 years onsite.