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Kaadas R8 Gate Digital Lock

$539.00 $600.00


Product Description


Experience the next level of home security – the ultimate solution for convenient and secure access. This sleek and modern lock is designed to be surface-mounted on your door, it is versatile and an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home or office.


3 access methods

Fingerprint, PIN code, RFID Card

Sweden Fingerprint Cards (FPC) sensor

World’s leading biometric sensor, accurate and secured

RFID card

Secured and convenient

One-step unlock

Easy and fast intuitive door opening experience

Automated lock body

Quick response when opening and auto-lock when the door is closed

Technical Description

Maximum User Capacity

  • Fingerprint – 20 Fingerprints
  • PIN Code – 10 Users, 1 OTP
  • RFID Card – 2 Cards provided, register up to 100 Cards

Main Material

Aluminium alloy

Power Supply

AA Alkaline Battery 4 batteries – Last about 4 – 6 months

Emergency Power supply