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Kaadas R6 Gate Digital Lock

$539.00 $699.00


Product Description



Comes with remote control, fingerprint , RFID, pin code and mechanical key overriding function. With any bundle package with kaadas wooden door mortise lock


Key Features

Basic Features

•Slim Design: sleek and modern designed digital lock  

•Voice Guide: assist users during registrations

•Safe Mode/Normal Mode: choose between safe mode (factory default) requiring Master pin with capability to delete per user or normal mode which has simplified features and cannot delete per user.

•Automatic/Manual Locking: can choose between automatic locking or manual locking by pressing close button

•Master Pin: only the owner who knows Master Pin can change information in the doorlock

•Forced Lock from Inside: when this mode is turned on, any type of verification will not work from the outside. Usually used at night.

•Forced Lock from Outside: when this mode is turned on, lock will give off an alarm tone when door is opened from the inside. Usually used when every member of the house is out.

•Emergency Power Supply: in case of battery empty, connect cable (powerbank) to Micro-USB 5V to power up the unit enough for user to enter and change batteries. 

•Volume Adjustment: can select from mute, low or high volume

Safety Features 

•Fake Pin Code Feature: can enter any digits before or after the real pin and lock will still recognize pin code

•3 -Min Lock Down: Door lock is locked down after 10 incorrect operating

•Intrusion/Break In Alarm: when door is opened without normal verification method or when the front escutcheon is separated forcibly, alarm will go off